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We have established ALUMINIUM ALLOY INGOTS manufacturing unit known as PEARL METAL CAST Plot No. 5, Sector-6, Faridabad. Our product range includes all grades of aluminium alloys and aluminium base master alloys (ADC / LM Series) having ingots manufacturing capacity of 2000 MT per month under the flagship of our parent company Steel Forge Faridabad with the same knowledgeable management.

This unit is equipped with Skelner Tilting type furnaces, 2 Nos. with a lot capacity of 8 M.T. each with temperature recorder and the furnaces are gas / oil fired.

Other than this our mission to achieve customer satisfaction, we always keeps quality parameters at our top most priorities. Our quality assurance department is well equipped with laboratory for chemical testing & has advanced analyzing equipment.(List as below):

Sr.No. Name of the Equipment Make Qty/No.
01 Spectro Analyzer SpectoMaxx (Germany) One
02 Spectro Analyzer (Mobile Portable) SpectoMaxx (Germany) One
03 Brinnel Hardness Tester (3000 Kg.) Krystal (Canon) One
04 Meta Scope (Portable) Sobhetronics One
05 Table Type Spectroscope Sobhetronics One
06 Tensile Testing Machine F.I.E. One
07 Polishing and Buffing Machine Sumitra One
08 Impact Testing Machine F.I.E. One
09 Optical Pyrometer Toshniwal One